Emergency Asteroid Defence Project

Our mission is to enable an efficient and secure global defense against asteroids and comets, in response to impact warning times of a few days. Nobody knows when the next major impact will happen, and no official defences (that need less than several years warning) are under development. So our group of dedicated scientists, engineers and experts from all areas of society have taken the duty – as fast as possible and within 3 years – to construct, test, provide and ensure the use of HAIVs: Small spacecrafts for emergency defense against asteroids and comets, developed at Iowa State University 2011-2014, and currently the only method that can make all on Earth much safer from the immediate asteroids and comets (sometimes called meteors) threat.

HAIV - The Flight Plan

LEADER spacecraft impacts and creates a shallow crater allowing more surface area to be exposed to NED.

FOLLOWER spacecraft with NED enters crater and detonates, resulting in optimal disruption of the target asteroid or comet.

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