“The frequency of these asteroid threat events is higher than previously anticipated” Nahum Melamed, Aerospace Engineer

When we are faced with an imminent [short warning time] asteroid impact, we need to have the biggest and most powerful method to deflect it. And the HAIV is a device that provides this capability. Currently there are no solutions in place for imminent asteroid threats. We need to have this capability in place to respond quickly – a threat could show up tomorrow morning or in a hundred years. We don’t know, but the frequency of these events is higher than previously anticipated – a Chelyabinsk object could appear just about any day. When we have very few years or months we need to use existing launch technology, adjusted for planetary defence objectives, but it takes time to prepare it, so we need to have it ready to launch on-demand in short warning time situations.

I think your [EADP] initiative is very important. The general public is currently not educated and aware of the severity of this threat, and in some cases that averts thinking about the threat. We need to raise public awareness and public support for the planetary defence cause, so that governments will step up and support planetary defence initiatives, in benefit of the general public, both regionally and globally.