Make a donation to help save Earth from asteroids – or just spread the word!

EADP’s work for an active asteroid defense is financed by private donors and there are currently strict limits to the funds for our project. What we are doing here is a major undertaking requiring a massive effort in awareness, time and money – and the more we have of all of them, the faster and better can we secure a defence for Earth.

You can also donate directly to our EADP bank account:

Account owner: Foreningen EADP
Account: 5363 0000243558
IBAN: DK7753630000243558


We appreciate every bit of support we get from all of you at this moment – with your donation you are literally part of saving our planet, now and for coming generations; a hero in your own right! – as such, if you desire so, we will add you to our Hall of Heroes as a first ‘thank you!’ for your donation.


With donations of $100 or above we will be happy to send you this lovely and funny poster, created for the project by brilliant KIO to lighten the mood about the troublesome reality we are facing – just add a “Dino-poster please” to your donation message, together with the address where you want it delivered:

Those humans have the technology but don't use it - and they call us stupid... *LOL*


And if you want, with any donation, we will send you a high-resolution digital EADP badge, as it is OR with your own name, tag or caption to prove it. You can show your friends, use it on your computer desktop, print it on a T-shirt, or whenever you want to show your appreciation for the EADP – or when you just want to brag about being part of a humanity-saving project!


The digital badge file is made so you can take it to the local print shop and get it printed as stickers, or you can print them yourself – much better for the environment than us mailing you the stickers, and we can concentrate on the all-important asteroid defence instead of sending letters.

You also get a high-resolution desktop background / wallpaper picture with the badge in the same e-mail.

This is also a great gift for those who have tried everything- except for defending Earth against asteroids, meteors  and comets!

Just note your e-mail the badge text you want – be it a name or caption of max. 30 characters – in the comment field on the final payment page (after clicking continue).


All proceeds from donations will go directly and only to EADP.

Recurring payments will be much appreciated, since our goal is an ever-lasting asteroid defense. If all humans on Earth chipped in, just approx. $0.07/year per person would be needed to add another defence mission each year!


Even if you don’t necessarily feel like donating, but want to support the EADP, please share the word about the asteroid threat, and our venture to prevent it – every new person knowing about this also means a lot to us, to the EADP and eventually to the safety of the Earth.

Anywhere you want to make known your support for EADP, feel free to show our badge – you can also get it for your Facebook account here!



Please note: EADP is officially registered for accepting donations,
as non-profit organization under Danish tax registry number DK36368586.