EADP’s goal is to provide all of Earth the best possible defence against asteroid and comet emergency threats, to save as many lives as possible and reduce damages, anywhere and anytime – and crowdfunding it!

We focus on protecting Earth and its inhabitants from the millions of dangerous untracked asteroids and comets that cross our planet’s path.

Each one of them can suddenly threaten our towns, cities, countries and not only all of humanity, but even our vast biodiversity as we know it, impacting with an explosive power equaling from hundreds to millions of nuclear bombs.

It happened 65 million years ago to the dinosaurs, it happened 50,000 years ago in Arizona, to Tunguska in 1908, and it happened to Chelyabinsk in February 2013 where luckily only 1500 suffered injuries. And it have happened countless other times, some accounted for and some still unknown.

At EADP we will not allow it to happen again, if in any way possible to avoid!



We currently labor to develop, test, provide and ensure the use of the Hypervelocity Asteroid Impact Vehicle (as developed by the Dr. Bong Wie and the Asteroid Deflection Research Center at Iowa State University) for emergency defense against asteroids and comets on collision course with Earth in the nearest future.

As well we work with national and international agencies to establish a global plan of action for emergency deflection/disruption of asteroids, in order to ensure humanity’s protection and survival by all possible means.

One of these central means are crowdfunding; asteroid defence is a global threat to all, and costs almost nothing if many enough pays.

Where no other non-profit organizations nor countries act directly against this threat to all of humanity, EADP does!