Useful articles on asteroids and deflection plans:


An Innovative Solution to NASA’s NEO Impact Threat Mitigation Grand Challenge and Flight Validation Mission Architecture Development 

The mission of B612, an organization with the mission to build a spacecraft that will map the frontier of space and track the asteroids that may strike Earth.

Business Insider, 1oth December 2014: “A Mountain-Sized Asteroid Is Heading Towards Earth” 

Nine Planets: on Asteroids 

The Independent, 15th August 2014: “Asteroid that ‘could end human life’ is heading for Earth, scientists say”

The National Space Society: on Asteroids

The New Yorker, 10th December 2014: “The Age of Asteroids”

National Geographic’s: Asteroids and Comets 

The National Space Society: Planetary Defense

Wikipedia: Asteroids

NASA’s Asteroid Watch, 29th May 2013: “Nuking Dangerous Asteroids Might Be the Best Protection, Expert Says”

Science Fiction or Science Fact: Killer Asteroids

Express, 21th December 2014: “Nuclear weapons to be used to blast asteroids in bid to protect Earth, US documents reveal” on the Asteroid Belt 

The National Space Society: Planetary Defense Library

ESA’s Space Situational Awareness: NEO Coordination Centre

Asteroid Day: a worldwide event on the threat of asteroids

Wikipedia: Asteroid Impact Avoidance

NASA’s Near Earth Object Program 

Hubblesite’s Newscenter: On Asteroids

NASA report: Near-Earth Object Survey and Deflection Analysis of Alternatives; Report to Congress; March 2007 

Orbital Vector: (ways of) Redirecting Asteroids and Comets

Flight Global: “NASA plans ‘Armageddon’ spacecraft to blast asteroid“

Popsci, 9th April 2012: “How it Would Work: Destroying an Incoming Killer Asteroid With a Nuclear Blast; Simulations Show How Unleashing Earth’s Destructive Arsenal Into Deep Space Could Save the Planet”

Spaceguard Centre, 31st August 2010: “NEO Survey: An Efficient Search for Near-Earth Objects by an IR Observatory in a Venus-Like Orbit“ What can we do if an asteroid threatens Earth? Europe Starts Planning

Time Magazine, 17th October 2013: “This Giant Asteroid Could Hit Earth Within 20 Years So YOLO”

ATLAS: on The Danger from Asteroid Impact

Discover Magazine blog by Phil Plait, 13th October 2008: Death by Meteorite 

Purdue University’s Interactive Impact Earth Site

Nova; Veronique Greenwood, 26th March 2013: on “Why Can’t We Prevent An Asteroid Strike?”

Spaceguard Centre, 18th August 2014: Asteroid Defense – Casualty in Chilled US-Russia Relations

Secure World Foundation: Planetary Defense: Why is Planetary Defense Important? What are Asteroids made of? – Asteroid Colors

University of Hawaii; Institute for Astronomy: “University of Hawaii Astronomer and Colleagues Find Evidence That Asteroids Change Color as They Age”

NEO Shield’s website

Jet Propulsion Laboratory; California Institute of Technology, 24th June 2014: “Ten Thousandth Near-Earth Object Unearthed in Space“ 

LiveWatch: Watch live astronomy cams and resources