The PDC conference is the biggest scientific gathering in Europe in 2015 regarding planetary defence against asteroids and comets, hosted the 13-17th April by the International Academy of Astronautics (an independent non-governmental organization recognized by the United Nations in 1996).

EADP was present with 5 employees, our crowdfunding partners and Prof. Bong Wie of the Asteroid Defence Research Center at Iowa State University, to discuss the optimal use and development of HAIV technology, as well as gather international support for the implementation of a global asteroid defence for both long-term and short-term threats.

Here the Asteroid Deflection Research Center’s written resume of the PDC15.
– video presentation by Prof. Bong Wie can be found further down.

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PD041 PD045
PD049 PD033
PD011 PD018


Full Gallery from the event is available here.


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Read more about the science and technology behind EADP’s use of
the Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle here, in the
4th IAA Planetary Defense Conference EADP Abstract (1 Mb PDF).


Prof. Bong Wie presenting HAIV and EADP



EADP is also a proud sponsor of PDC 15, together with Lawrance Livermore National Laboratory, Association of Space Explorers, IAU, Secure World Foundation, B612 Foundation, UK Space Agency, Applied Physics Laboratory, GNV, Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation: