“The Chelyabinsk event could have been prevented if we had a short warning time device ready to launch” Joshua Lyzhoft, Aerospace Engineer

I believe the HAIV is the best solution in short warning time situation in case of imminent asteroid impact – to be able to destroy at least 50m asteroid at its smallest. There are no other current alternatives that I know of, except perhaps the EKV by Raytheon for ballistic missile defence, but I don’t know how effective that will be for asteroid defence [that won’t be effective for asteroid defence, due to being an only 75 kg kinetic impactor capable of deflecting objects only much less than 20 meters in diameter].

What happened in Chelyabinsk was terrible and could have been prevented if we had detected it and had a short warning time device in place. The airburst over Chelyabinsk injured some 1200 people, but let’s imagine it wasn’t an airburst, it could have harmed and killed many thousands of people. I believe the EADP is a great idea and a great solution for the short warning time asteroid threats.