If you have some questions or want to get an interview with the EADP crew, please feel free to contact our Project Manager:

Henrik S. Jacobsen  hsj@EADProject.com  + (45) 40 458 032


Want to know more about the EADP?

Why did we start the EADP Project?

Our crowdfunding manager Nadim Alawi, has recently given an interview at the Danish radio DR P3 and DR P4 where he has spoken on behalf of the EADP crew, about the project and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign this Maj.


Latest coverage in the media

DR P3 radio, 10th April 2015, 08:17 GMT+1 (Denmark – Danish): Go’ Morgen P3 – Nadim, den danske ‘Bruce Willis’ fra Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (02:12:50-02:17:00)

DR P4 radio, 10th April 2015, 07:49 GMT+1 (Denmark – Danish): P4 Morgen – Vi skal redde planeten mod at blive ramt af en meteor (01:44:30-01:50:00)

See the link below about an article from DR regarding our coming crowdfunding campaign. If you are interested to know more about our coming campaigns, click under Support Us.

DR, 10th April 2015 (Denmark – Danish): Dansk crowdfunding-kampagne samler penge ind til asteroide-forsvar


What do others say about the EADP?

Please see the Endorsement page for third party opinions on the Emergency Asteroid Defence Project.


EADP at the PDC 2015 in Frascati, Italy

Our EADP crew has recently participated at the PDC in Frascati (Italy) this 13th – 17th April, 2015; where they presented the EADP initiative getting positive feedback.

Pictures and videos from our participation at the PDC can be found here.




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Other EADP materials

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