Remco Timmermans is a leading space communication specialist and social media strategist, specialized in space.

In addition he leads several worldwide organizations in the field of space outreach and education.

Remco is director of UN-declared World Space Week, the largest public space event, held in over 75 countries from 4 to 10 October annually.

Remco is a director of the SpaceUp Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that facilitates the very successful SpaceUp series of space unconferences, and he is the social media lead for several space organizations and a specialist in social media campaigns for space events.


Remco holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a master’s in Business Sciences. More recently he became an alumni of ISU (International Space University), after following the Space Studies Program in 2013, where – among many other things – he did a project about asteroid deflection methods.

Since Remco joined the space industry in 2011 he published several papers about space outreach and education, social media for space and space weather. He is an active member of several committees in the IAF (International Astronautical Federation) and a permanent observer in the UN COPUOS meetings, on behalf of the World Space Week Association.

In 2015 Remco will join ISU again as a Teaching Associate for the SSP15 summer program, facilitating workshops about social media for space outreach, new space business models and futures studies.


Selected presentations:

Asteroid Deflection Methods Compared (ISU 2013)

Social Media for Space Events (IAC 2014)

Social Media Lessons from Space for Earth (Social Media Week 2014)


As partner of the Emergency Asteroid Defence Project, Remco Timmermans will actively support its outreach efforts. He very strongly believes in the value of the EADP to defend the planet against last-minute asteroid threats:

Most of society is totally unaware of the mere existence of this threat, while at the same time some people feel safe, thinking an “Armageddon”-like defense system is already in place. It is up to the space outreach and education community to correctly inform society about the problem and possible solutions.