The Emergency Asteroid Defence Project is only a couple of months old, and it is still in it’s research and development stage, but where did this project emerge from? Who had the idea to make such an ambitious and daring project?

I guess the time has come to reveal the background and the brains behind this challenging quest, behind the Task Force Humanity organization and most importantly, behind the Emergency Asteroid Defence Project. And yes, it is a 30-year old entrepreneur with a brilliant mind and a strong desire to tackle humanity’s biggest problems (or at least some of them).

Who is Søren?

Whenever we discuss with family and friends about our project, we always mention Søren. But who is this mystical man that would like to save humanity from extinction?

Søren Ole Elekund, by his full name, is educated as a mechanical engineer from DTU, electronics technician from HTX and autodidact software developer from the age of 13, with half a degree in psychology on behalf of a word-blind friend. He did his final university study about small business cooperation and was offered a PhD based on it.

He has been doing moderate business from a very young age, and despite having no flair for it he always strived to work smart and hard, and today he is the proud owner of a handful of companies with good customers, employees and partners – today the companies are joined under the 01 Advanced Innovation brand in a mix of business and philanthropy.

Søren has done everything from designing and developing an electric car capable of driving around the world without support that was presented at EXPO2010 in China and Detroit Motorshow in 2011 in the USA to creating an organization that helps and supports people who are struggling to enter the job market. Needless to say the man knows what he is doing and there is nothing standing between him and his goals.

Task Force Humanity (TFH)

Among other organizations, TFH stands out. Søren developed TFH with the desire to confront the issues that represent great threats to our existence: Asteroid Impacts, Ageing and Mortality and Societal Instability.

Moreover, TFH is a non-profit umbrella NGO, registered in Denmark but operating globally. TFH initiates and administrates diverse but focused projects for the protection and benefit of all humanity.

TFH’s mission is to predict and counter the threats against humanity, giving priority to those threats that can currently be tackled most effectively in relation to their impact and urgency, thus mitigating the risks as much and fast as possible.

After Søren decided that he will develop the Emergency Asteroid Defence Project, he hired a team of two very dedicated members to help ensure the success of the project. Henrik S. Jacobsen and Cristina A. Stanilescu are now in charge of the project, and under Søren’s strict supervision, a very ambitious and promising project is starting to take shape.

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