Published: 29.08.2022

Calcutta golf betting

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What is a Calcutta bet in golf?

Here's how the USGA defines it: “An “auction sweepstake” or “calcutta” is a form of gambling or wagering in which the players or teams are sold by auction beforehand to the highest bidder.

How does a Calcutta bet work?

A Calcutta is an auction pool conducted by an organization authorized by the department. Competitors in an event are “sold” to the highest bidder and the winner(s) of the pool of money is determined by the results of the event.

How do you play Calcutta in golf?

A golf Calcutta is an auction-style event that utilizes a pot and pays out a few winners. Each golfer or team is put up for “auction” and you bid on players. The highest bid gets that player, and if that golfer were to go on to win The Masters they would get the highest payout of the pot.

Are golf Calcuttas legal?

Is A Golf Calcutta Legal? A golf Calcutta is legal in some areas but not legal in all states. If you are a tournament organizer and thinking of putting together a Calcutta event, you must first make sure that it is legal in your area.

What are typical Calcutta payouts?

Perhaps the simplest and most common Calcutta payout is 70 percent of the pool to the "owner" of the winning tournament team, 30 percent to the "owner" of the second-place tournament team.

Why is it called a Calcutta?

The most popular and likely one is that the city got its name from its connection to the Hindu goddess Adyashakti paramba Kali with the original name's being either Kalikshetra (in Sanskrit), meaning the place of Adyashakti Kāli, or Kalikkhetrô (the Bengali pronunciation of Kalikshetra), meaning "area of Goddess Kali", ...

Why is an auction called a Calcutta?

The Calcutta auction originated in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, where British colonists used the format to wager on cricket.

How do you run a Calcutta?

In the simplest terms, a Calcutta in golf works like this: Golfers bid, auction-style, on the golfer or team they think will win the tournament. Usually, you can bid on yourself and your own team. The highest bid will win the team/golfer.

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