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Week 12 best bets

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Who are the favorites to win Week 12 NFL?

The Patriots beat the Jets on a last-minute punt-return touchdown in one of the ugliest games of the 2022 NFL season so far. The Chiefs are the biggest favorites of Week 12.

What's the NFL schedule for Week 12?

Week 12

Buffalo Bills at Detroit LionsThursday, November 24th, 2022 at 12:30pm ET
New York Giants at Dallas CowboysThursday, November 24th, 2022 at 4:30pm ET
New England Patriots at Minnesota VikingsThursday, November 24th, 2022 at 8:20pm ET
Atlanta Falcons at Washington CommandersSunday, November 27th, 2022 at 1:00pm ET

How do you read NFL spreads?

NFL Point Spread Line Teams with a plus line are the underdog. In the example, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the +6.5 point underdogs. Teams with a minus line are the favorite. The Cincinnati Bengals are the -6.5 point favorites.

What QB should I pick up Week 12?

Week 12 quarterback rankings

  • Patrick Mahomes, KC (vs. LAR)
  • Josh Allen, BUF (at DET)
  • Jalen Hurts, PHI (vs. GB)
  • Justin Fields, CHI (at NYJ)
  • Tua Tagovailoa, MIA (vs. HOU)
  • Lamar Jackson, BAL (at JAC)
  • Joe Burrow, CIN (at TEN)
  • Justin Herbert, LAC (at ARI)

Who is the best QB Week 12?

Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings: QB

1Josh Allen@DET
2Patrick MahomesLA
3Jalen HurtsGB
4Tua TagovailoaHOU

Who has a bye in week 12 NFL?

$24 plus a 15% discount by using the code: "Diehards." ... NFL Bye Weeks 2022.

Week 10Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, New York Jets Jets
Week 11Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 12
Week 13Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers

What are the NFL Flex games for week 12?

The Week 12 Philadelphia Eagles-Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, November 26 will be played at 8:15 PM ET on NBC and the Chicago Bears-New England Patriots and New York Giants-Tennessee Titans games that day will move to 4:15 PM ET on FOX, the NFL announced today.

How do you read the +150 odds?

Odds with a Plus Sign (Underdog)

  1. The team with the plus sign (like +150) is the underdog.
  2. The number tells you how much profit you will win if you bet $100.
  3. If the number is +150, a $100 bet will win you $150 in profit.

How do you win a +7 spread?

If the spread is set at +7, this means that to cover, the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by fewer than seven points. For the favorite to cover, they must win by more than seven points.

Who to pick up Week 12 fantasy football?

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups, Week 12: Veteran backs and young receivers among top adds

  • Samaje Perine, Cincinnati Bengals (9% rostered)
  • Latavius Murray, Denver Broncos (25%)
  • Donovan Peoples-Jones, Cleveland Browns (45%)
  • Juwan Johnson, New Orleans Saints (31%)
  • Taylor Heinicke, Washington Commanders (14%)

Who to start fantasy football week 12?

McLaurin is a must-start in Week 12. Higgins has been a reliable fantasy WR this season, scoring 13-plus points in seven of his last eight games played. This week, he gets to face the Titans, who are allowing the third-most fantasy points per game to the wide receiver position in 2022.

Who is the number 1 QB prospect?

1) Bryce Young, Alabama.

Who is the best number 12 in the NFL?

12: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Does the 2nd seed get a bye?

Any BYEs replace the seed starting with the highest number and work in ascending order. Example: Your league has 6 teams in an 8 team bracket. The two BYEs are assigned to seeds #7 and #8 which aren't filled by anyone, thus the #1 and #2 seeds have first-round BYEs.

Who has week 12 bye?

$24 plus a 15% discount by using the code: "Diehards." ORDER NOW! ... NFL Bye Weeks 2022.

Week 11Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 12
Week 13Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers

Can you flex Monday night games?

Flex scheduling will expand to Monday Night Football beginning in 2023. Games will be able to move from Sundays to Mondays, and vice-versa, from Week 14 and beyond. The NFL will need to make those switches with at least 12 days notice.

What does +1200 mean in odds?

What do +600 odds mean: These are Moneyline odds for a heavy underdog that payout $600 on a winning $100 wager. What does +1200 mean in betting: This is another example of Moneyline odds for a massive underdog. A $100 bet on a team at +1200 means a payout of $1,200 if successful.

Is +150 a good chance?

When you see a plus sign in front of a number (like +150 for example) it tells you which team is the underdog. You get a higher payout betting on the underdog since they're less likely to win. The team with the plus sign (like +150) is the underdog. If the number is +150, a $100 bet will win you $150 in profit.

What is the best bet for 7 selections?

The 'Super Heinz' bet requires the bettor to pick 7 selections, which results in a total of 120 bets overall within this bet type. The 120 bets within a Super Heinz are as follows; 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 five-fold accumulators, 7 six-fold accumulators and 1 seven-fold accumulator.

What is a Lucky 7 bet?

What is a Lucky 7? A Lucky 7 Bingo bet is named after the pattern made on the betting slip. There are 7 selections in a 3×3 grid with two squares left empty. It is made up of 1 sevenfold, 1 fivefold, 2 trebles and 9 doubles.

What tight end should I pick up Week 12?

Top Tight End Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 12: Pat Freiermuth, Evan Engram, Tyler Conklin, Dan Arnold, Austin Hooper. Share: This is not the week to have a turkey at the tight end position in your fantasy football lineup.

Should I start Tee Higgins Week 12?

Start or sit in Week 12? The Titans have a very strong rushing defense, so we can expect the Bengals to rely on pass formations. Don't let Chase's possibility of return affect your decision — go ahead and start Higgins this week.

What QB should I start Week 12?

Week 12 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

QB TierQB RankPlayer Name
11Patrick Mahomes II
12Josh Allen
13Tua Tagovailoa
24Jalen Hurts

Who are the top 5 NBA prospects?

2023 NBA Big Board: The first look at top draft prospects

  1. Victor Wembanyama | C | Metropolitans 92. ...
  2. Scoot Henderson | PG | G League Ignite. ...
  3. Amen Thompson | PG | Overtime Elite. ...
  4. Ausar Thompson | CG | Overtime Elite. ...
  5. Nick Smith | CG | Arkansas. ...
  6. GG Jackson | PF | South Carolina. ...
  7. Brandon Miller | SF | Alabama.

Who is statistically the best NFL player?

NFL Top 100 Players of 2021

  1. 11 Quarterbacks were listed in the NFL Top 100 for 2021.
  2. Patrick Mahomes was #1 overall, followed by Rodgers (3) and Brady (7)
  3. 4 QBs were listed in the Top 10 from the NFL Top 100.

Who wears 69 in the NFL?

69: David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers.

Who is the best number 12?

Top 12 NFL Number 12s

  • 1 / 12. Aaron Rodgers. 2005-present, 1 Super Bowl win, 2 Pro Bowls (David Drapkin/Associated Press) ...
  • 2 / 12. Roger Staubach. ...
  • 3 / 12. Terry Bradshaw. ...
  • 4 / 12. Jim Kelly. ...
  • 5 / 12. Randall Cunningham. ...
  • 6 / 12. Joe Namath. ...
  • 7 / 12. Doug Williams. ...
  • 8 / 12. Bob Griese.

Has an 8th seed beat a 1st seed?

Runner-Up: Denver Nuggets Upset Seattle Supersonics, 1994 It was historic, being the first time a No. 8 seed beat a No. 1 seed in NBA history. It was also monumental, as the Sonics had won 63 games to Denver's mere 42.

How often do 1 seeds lost in the second round?

1 seeds have lost their second round game five times out of 36 (14 perfect) since 2000. Four of the five teams to have defeated No. 1 seeds in the second round were No.

Who is on bye week 13?


  • Cardinals.
  • Panthers.

Can I put a WR in Flex?

In Flex 9, flexing a WR gives you 50% more WRs (three instead of two). Even more fantastic. Again, this significantly increases the odds that you get multiple good weeks or one monster week out of your WRs.

Can you put a RB in Flex?

If you have a running back projected to outscore your receivers, he should fill your flex, even in PPR leagues. Historical trends can help shape our drafting tendencies and in-season roster management techniques, and those trends should be taken into account.

Are +150 odds good?

When you see a plus sign in front of a number (like +150 for example) it tells you which team is the underdog. You get a higher payout betting on the underdog since they're less likely to win. The team with the plus sign (like +150) is the underdog.

How do +5000 odds work?

Higher numbers like +400, +500, +5000, etc. represent how much of an underdog the team is in the game. The higher the number the more likely the team is expected to lose in the eyes of the oddsmakers. The number also indicates how much money would win in comparison to every $100 you wager.

Is a 0% chance possible?

Chance is also known as probability, which is represented numerically. Probability as a number lies between 0 and 1 . A probability of 0 means that the event will not happen.

How rare is 1 200?

Number Converter

1 in __DecimalPercent
1 in 250.044.0%
1 in 500.022.0%
1 in 1000.011.0%
1 in 2000.00500.50%

How can I bet without losing?

Beginner's Methods Of Winning Bets Without Losing

  1. Carry out Extensive Research. ...
  2. Avoid Overconfidence. ...
  3. Make use of a Handicapper. ...
  4. Avoid Parlays.

What is a good 3 bet size?

What is a good 3-bet percentage? Strong, winning players do not 3-bet only their strongest hands. At the low stakes, a good 3-bet percentage will be around 5%–9%. Players can win aggressively with 3-bet percentages as high as 11%, however generally for beginners it is much easier to play with a tighter 3-bet range.

What is a Heinz 57 bet?

The 'Heinz' bet includes 57 bets across six selections. The bets which make up this multiple bet are as follows; 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators and 1 six-fold accumulator.

Why do casinos use 777?

777 is used on most slot machines in the United States to identify a jackpot. As it is considered a lucky number, banknotes with a serial number containing 777 tend to be valued by collectors and numismatists. The US Mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells uncirculated 777 $1 bills for this reason.

Will Logan Thomas play Week 12?

Tight end Logan Thomas has been listed as questionable all week, but is expected to play on Sunday. Taylor Heinicke will continue to start at quarterback for Washington.

What WR should I start Week 13?

Start 'Em

  • Ja'Marr Chase. Cincinnati Bengals · WR. ...
  • Christian Kirk. Jacksonville Jaguars · WR. ...
  • Christian Watson. Green Bay Packers · WR. ...
  • Garrett Wilson. New York Jets · WR. ...
  • Donovan Peoples-Jones. Cleveland Browns · WR. ...
  • Adam Thielen. Minnesota Vikings · WR. ...
  • Treylon Burks. Tennessee Titans · WR. ...
  • Curtis Samuel. Washington Commanders · WR.

What kicker should I use Week 13?


1Justin TuckerBAL
2Brett MaherDAL
3Harrison ButkerKC
4Jason MyersSEA

Who is the No 1 NBA prospect 2023?

Victor Wembanyama Victor Wembanyama | C | Metropolitans 92 As long as "Wemby" stays healthy, he will be the number one pick and every team in the NBA is going to be fighting each other to get their hands on him. We haven't seen a player like him.

Who is the number 1 prospect 2023?

Victor Wembanyama 2023 NBA Draft Top 100 Big Board: Wembanyama at the top; plus, Emoni Bates returns

1Victor WembanyamaMetropolitans 92
2Scoot HendersonG League Ignite
3Amen ThompsonOvertime Elite
4Cam WhitmoreVillanova

Who is the most liked person in the NFL?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes remains the NFL's most popular player ahead of Thursday's kickoff to the 2022 season, according to new Morning Consult research.

Who is the fastest player in the NFL?

John Ross For years, some of the fastest athletes in the world have played in the NFL. Who is the fastest player in the NFL right now? ... Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times at NFL Combine.

RankPlayer40 Time
1John Ross4.22
2Kalon Barnes4.23
3Chris Johnson4.24
4Rondel Melendez4.24

Is number 69 allowed in NBA?

The #69 has been banned. No NBA player has ever worn the number 69, which is believed to be implicitly banned due to its sexual connotations; the NBA has never confirmed this. Dennis Rodman had allegedly requested the number 69 when he joined the Dallas Mavericks but was refused and instead wore 70.

Who wears 88 in soccer?

Gianluigi Buffon 88: Gianluigi Buffon The legendary Italian keeper opted for the number 88 while at Parma.

Who is the best no 12 in soccer?

#12 - Olivier Giroud.

Is 12 a good soccer number?

12 to 23. In the current era of 23-man international squads, the numbers 12 to 23 have become modern favorites and are sought after much more than they were, say, 15 to 20 years ago. Positionally they tend to shift around a lot more than 1-11 as they don't have a traditional tactical interpretation.

Has a 1 seed ever lost?

First Round: A 1-seed has now only lost once in the First Round. There have been close calls, but actually picking the upset is Bracket suicide. Second Round: All 1-seeds will reach the second round, and 86% of them advance further.

Has a 1 seed ever lost NBA?

May 7, 1994: In one of the biggest upsets in NBA Playoff history, the 8th seed Denver Nuggets eliminated the #1 seed Seattle SuperSonics in the WC 1st Round. The Nuggets, became the first to upset a #1 seed since the 1st round of the Playoffs went to a best-of-5 format in 1984.

Has a number 16 ever beaten a 1?

The Retrievers defeated the Cavaliers 74–54, becoming the first No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. It was only the second time in college basketball overall, after No. ... 2018 UMBC vs. Virginia men's basketball game.

UMBC RetrieversVirginia Cavaliers
Head coach: Ryan OdomHead coach: Tony Bennett

What are the best 3 seeds?

The best seeds to eat for your diet Flaxseeds. Chia seeds. Pumpkin seeds.

Who is on bye week 14?

What NFL teams have a bye week in Week 14? The Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and Washington Commanders all have a Week 14 bye.

Who has a bye week 15?

$24 plus a 15% discount by using the code: "Diehards." ... NFL Bye Weeks 2022.

Week 14Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Washington Commanders
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17

Can a RB be a WR?

Is a Running Back a Receiver? Running backs can be a receiver if the coach decides to have the quarterback throw them the football. Running backs often catch short passes, such as swing routes and short shoot routes. These routes are typically what are called “check-downs” or last option routes for the quarterback.

Who scores more RB or WR?

The ceiling is much higher with WRs, so it may be more valuable to select a top tier WR for your team vs. a top tier RB, simply because they have a better chance of outscoring them. All of these reasons combine to effectively support the conclusion that WRs do score more points than RBs in Fantasy Football.

Should I play RB or WR?

It all depends on the type of offense your team runs. If your team is a run-heavy offense, you'll need to have 2-3 running backs that can share carries. If your offense is a modern-day spread offense, you'll need more wide receivers who can stress the defense.

Can odds be 100%?

Odds represent the probability of an event occurring divided by the probability of an event not occurring. Although related, probability and odds are not the same. Probability values can only range from 0 to 1 (0% to 100%), whereas odds can take on any value.

What do odds of +1200 mean?

What do +600 odds mean: These are Moneyline odds for a heavy underdog that payout $600 on a winning $100 wager. What does +1200 mean in betting: This is another example of Moneyline odds for a massive underdog. A $100 bet on a team at +1200 means a payout of $1,200 if successful.

Is there a 100% probability?

Probability can also be written as a percentage, which is a number from 0 to 100 percent. The higher the probability number or percentage of an event, the more likely is it that the event will occur.

How rare is a 0.25 chance?

Number Converter

1 in __DecimalPercent
1 in 11.00100%
1 in 20.5050%
1 in 30.3333%
1 in 40.2525%

How rare is 0.1% chance?

a 1 in 10 chance A probability of 0.1 means there is a 1 in 10 chance of an event happening, or a 10% chance that an event will happen.

How rare is 0.005 chance?

A p-value of 0.05, the traditional threshold, means that there is a 5% chance that you would have obtained those results without there being a real effect. A p-value of 0.005 means there is a 0.5% chance – or a change from 1/20 to 1/200.

How do I win a bet all the time?

How do you win at sports betting?

  1. Set a Bankroll. This may be the most important step because if you don't know how much money you're comfortable losing, things could get out of hand. ...
  2. Study, Study, Study. If you want to win on your own terms, it will take time. ...
  3. Shopping Odds. ...
  4. Don't Trust Touts.

What is the safest type of bet?

Double Chance allows betting on two outcomes of a sporting event, increasing the chances of winning. This type of bet is commonly used in football matches. It's one of the easiest and safest bets on football because it involves two possible results.

Should you always bet 3?

When should you 3-bet? It is easy to understand 3-betting for value. When playing solid, aggressive poker, a good rule is to always 3-bet your strongest hands. This allows you to play much larger pots with your strongest hands, and it balances your 3-bet range when you want to include bluffs and weaker hands.

What is a good C bet percentage?

Good opponents will usually have a fold to continuation bet somewhere around 42%–57% at the lower stakes.

What is a gorilla bet?

Gorilla: A colloquial term for one thousand dollars.

What is a Goliath bet?

A goliath bet is an expansive form of multiple bet. A multiple bet allows punters to make a range of different selections or bets in a bundle. As already mentioned, some multiple bets are quite small: double bets and treble bets ask the bettor to make just two and three selections respectively.

What is the best time to gamble at a casino?

Pro of evening gambling: Most table games will be open until late night or early morning. Many gamblers prefer hitting the casino after midnight or around 2 a.m when there's less traffic and increased chances of betting against high rollers.

What is a whale in casino?

A high roller, also referred to as a whale or cheetah, is a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive lavish "comps" from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos' best suites.

How long is Logan Thomas expected to be out?

Thomas, 30, had surgery on his knee on Dec. 17 of last year and told the Sports Junkies at the time that the initial recovery time would place him back in action around Week 4 of 2022.

Is Logan Thomas coming back?

Logan Thomas will enter his fourth season in 2023 as the Washington Commanders starting tight end.

What RB should I pick up Week 13?

Running Back Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 13: Top Free Agent Adds Include Zonovan Knight, JaMycal Hasty, Gus Edwards, Kyren Williams.

What WR should I start Week 15?

Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings: WR

1Justin JeffersonIND
2Ja'Marr Chase@TB
3Stefon DiggsMIA
4Tyreek Hill@BUF

How far should a d1 kicker kick?

Division 1: Solid fundamentals. Good ball rotation and height on kicks. Many division one scholarship athletes can kick 60+ yard field goals off the ground. If your range is closer to 55, you are more likely to be a walk-on candidate.

Is bronny James a 5 star prospect?

Bronny is, in essence, a four-star player with a five-star name.

Who is the biggest active player in the NFL?

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Caleb Jones, Indianapolis Colts tackle Jordan Murray, San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Alfredo Gutierrez and New York Giants tackle Roy Mbaeteka and tight end Austin Allen are the tallest players in the NFL at 6-foot-9.

What is the fastest 40 ever?

The fastest recorded 40 yard split on record belongs to Olympian Maurice Greene. During his World Record 60 meter run of 6.33, a mark that still exists, Green crossed the 40 yard mark at 4.18.

Who ran a 3.9 40 yard?

Bo Jackson, former Los Angeles Raiders running back Some suggested he broke the 4.0 barrier, posting a 3.9 time at the NFL Combine.

Is number 0 allowed in NBA?

The NBA has always allowed other numbers from 0 to 99, but use of digits 6 through 9 is less common than 0 through 5 since most players tend to keep the numbers that they had previously worn in college.

Why is 9 not allowed in basketball?

No jersey number can end in 6, 7, 8, or 9. The NCAA only offers players a total of 37 jersey numbers to choose from—and none of them include 6, 7, 8, or 9. Why? Those digits require two hands to sign, which complicates things for referees.

Is there a number 69 in football?

In all three levels of American football (high school football, college football and professional football), players must wear a number from 1 to 99.

Who wore 69 in soccer?

Bixente Lizarazu 69 - Bixente Lizarazu The classy World Cup winning left-back chose this number because it was the year he was born in. He also measured 169 cm, and weighed 69 kg.

Who is World No 1 in soccer?

1. Lionel Messi (PSG)

Who is number 69 in soccer?

Bixente Lizarazu In a fun fact feature about numbers ran by The Guardian, this choice, evidently, was because of the preponderance of 69s in Lizarazu's life: He was born in 1969, he is 1.69 metres tall, and he weighed 69 kilograms at the time.

What is the luckiest soccer number?

But it was Manchester United that made the number seven shirt iconic by putting their best players in it – perhaps most famously David Beckham, who said: It always was an inspiration for me, but it was never my shirt. It was George Best's, Bryan Robson's, Eric Cantona's.

Who wore 42 in soccer?

42 - Yaya Torre. The reverse of his number at Barcelona (24). Also the ultimate answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. 45 - Mario Balotelli.

How many times has a 16 beat a 1?

UMBC is the only No. 16 seed to ever beat a No. 1 seed since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

When did a 16 beat a 1?

The Retrievers defeated the Cavaliers 74–54, becoming the first No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. ... 2018 UMBC vs. Virginia men's basketball game.

UMBC RetrieversVirginia Cavaliers
Head coach: Ryan OdomHead coach: Tony Bennett

Has an 8 ever beat a 1?

Runner-Up: Denver Nuggets Upset Seattle Supersonics, 1994 8 seed beat a No. 1 seed in NBA history. It was also monumental, as the Sonics had won 63 games to Denver's mere 42.

Has any NBA team lost a 3-0 lead?

The NBA is the only major North American sport with a seven-game playoffs series where no team has overcome a 3–0 deficit.

Was there ever a perfect bracket?

According to the NCAA, a perfect bracket has never verifiably been picked. The longest streak happened in 2019 when an Ohio man correctly predicted the first 49 games of the tournament before having his bracket busted on the 50th game when Purdue beat Tennessee in the Sweet 16.

How many times has a 15 beat a 2?

Since 1985, the average margin of victory in 2 vs 15 matchups has been just over 17 points per game, and that includes the eight times a 15 seed has beaten a 2 seed.

What are the 7 super seeds?

Defining 'nutrient dense' Super seeds have higher levels of vitamins and minerals compared to most foods in the American diet. This earns them the name “nutrient dense.” Chia, flax, sunflower, poppy, sesame, pumpkin, hemp seeds and quinoa fall into this “super seed” category for their nutrient-dense qualities.

What is the lowest seed to win it?

Here's the TL/DR version of some men's March Madness seed history:

  • 8 is the lowest seed to win men's March Madness (Villanova in 1985)
  • 11 is the lowest seed to make the men's Final Four (George Mason 2006; LSU 1986; VCU 2011; Loyola Chicago 2018; UCLA 2021)

Who was on bye week 13?

What NFL Teams Have a Bye This Week? In Week 13 of the 2022 season, only two teams will be on byes. They are the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers.

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